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Enhance Your Online Business.

Today, retail is done more online than ever before making it a vital part of any retailer's infrastructure, however unlike before where the staff's knowledge & the store quality was the deciding factor, today it's the website's ease of use, the cost of postage & how fast can I get my item. Package Pass helps you to tick each of these boxes to help your business have the best customer experience to stand out from the competition.

High Speed.

High Quality.

Low Price.

Package Pass offers you the opportunity to offer your customers free next day delivery through an affordable subscription service for an affordable price enabling you to ensure that you stand above the competition. 

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An Entirely New Way To Sell. Built-In. 

At Package Pass, we put the customer experience first, which lead us to create Personal Shopper. Personal Shopper removes the hassle of searching tones of retailers sites to find the best price with the best delivery, it does it for them. Personal Shopper find the item the customer wants, & allow them to purchase it in less than 5 clicks, ensuring that your items are the ones that they get.

As Easy As


We don't just want the best experience for the customer, we want to make using Package Pass as simple as we can for the retailers, & with the retailer hub it takes just three simple steps to get your customer's items shipped, Pay for the postage label, Pack the Item to send, & Post It. It's really as easy as 1,2,3.

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Leave The Boring Stuff to Us.

Not only do we make the process easy, but we also make sure that your website is ready to work with Package Pass, & If you want an all-new website designed for the 2020s, starting in 2022, we will be able to do this for you with our team in Dunn Develop. Not only that when Dunn Web Services launches our technology will ensure a fast stable website, built today, ready for tomorrow. 

United Together, 

We're Stronger.

By offering Package Pass, the customer gets the next day delivery they want, from the stores they want, for a price they want. & we are able to deliver this by working together. Customers don't want to have tons of different services for their delivery. They want one. One that works with as many retailers as they can get. The One they want is Package Pass & they want your store to be part of it.

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