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The Start of a New Era in Retail
Test The Future

With My Parcel Club you get a taste of the future of retail that Package Pass hopes to bring & by helping us test everything you're ensuring that when the full service launches everything works in tip top condition.

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Once you subscribe you will receive a unique code that you put in the discount code box of any partner retailer & you instantly get free next day delivery making sure the system is simple to use no matter where you shop from.

Easy to use
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Fast Delivery

In todays world their really is no guarantee the shops will be open, let alone have the item you want in stock. With our service you can find the item you want & get it the following day, without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

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Unlike other next day delivery subscription services, our service entitles you to Free Next Delivery across multiple stores, helping re-vitalise competition in the industry plus save you money & get fast delivery.

Multiple Retailers
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If you want to experience My Parcel Club click on the links to subscribe, or register your interest in having your store on the trial.